Ye Nuns New Single

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New Single masterd and ready to go! Ye Nuns are an all-girl celebration of The Monks, proto-krautrock garage punkers formed by a gang of American GIs stationed in Germany. This release features Nuns versions two unreleased Monks tracks.

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Gaurdain Article


LaurelWe’ve been busy recording drums and mixing with Laurel for a forthcoming release on Ninja Tune.

Looking forward to hearing the finished article!


Ninja Tune

King Salami Return

King SalamiGood to have King Salami back in. Yet  another album in the pipeline set for release in 2018. We have been recording these guys for over 10 years now.

It was good to see them apear on BBC4’s UK’s best part-tme band. 2017’s Goin Back To Wurstville album was released in the UK, Australia and Japan.

UK’s Best Part-Tme Band

Goin Back to Wurstville



Tommy Hunt at Gizzard Studios

Tommy Hunt American soul/northern soul singer, and a 2001 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee as a member of famed R&B group The Flamingos has just finished recording a single with us. Tommy was accompanied by Jackson sloane and his band.
Tommy Hunt Gizzard Studios
In 1962 Tommy recorded the origional version of the Dusty Springfield classic “I don’t now what to do with myself” and  was  regular  at The Apollo in New York alongside such artists as Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Shirelles, Dionne Warwick, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Sam and Dave.  We wish them well.


Juicy Lucy

Recorded an EP recently with the legendary Juicy Lucy best known for their 1969 version of the Bo Diddly classic Who do you love and their debt LP cover featuring  exotic dancer Zelda Plum.  Juicy Lucy Wikipedia

Very enjoyable couple of days spent hanging  out with these guys.Juicy Lucy Some great storys!  We wish them well.

The price of Tape

RTM tape

Recently our  format has taken yet another hike in price. RMG tape is now made by Recording the masters and is is retailing at around £23o per 2″ reel. ATR the American tape manufacturer goes for around £260. I even wince at the price when ordering. Gone are the days of rolling a few reels in a session and not give it second thought. There’s no doubt it’s an expense business.

The problem is it can’t be produced on a on a small scale. Producing tape  involves heavy  machinery and chemicals. Demand is increasing but lets face it it’s never going to be like it was back in the day.  I think it’s amazing we have two good sources of good quality tape available. RTM (RMG) which is made in France with it’s classic BASF AFGA formulas, certainly our choice, and ATR in the states. We should support them and stop  picking up dodgy second hand tape on eBay.

RMG Tape

When you buy a new roll of tape it can be reused. Once the project is mixed we can archive  it to hard disc and reuse the reel. It doesn’t have to be a a one session investment. We do a tape hire option at Gizzard but we always encourage you buy fresh tape from us or from a retailer.

We recommend Tape City and Studio Spares



Shaking Chains Xfm Big One!

Great to see Midnight Oil the debut single by the excellent Shaking Chains Is getting a warm  reception at Xfm. Currently one of John Kennedys X-Posure Big ones!

Full details at Concrete RecordingsShaking Chains

New Gizzard Web Site

Just a quick post to launch our new web site. Over the coming months I plan to post some if what’s been happening here at Gizzard. We’ve had a great start to the year so hopefully there will  be plenty to harp on about. Thanks for looking. GR