The price of Tape

RTM tape

Recently our  format has taken yet another hike in price. RMG tape is now made by Recording the masters and is is retailing at around £23o per 2″ reel. ATR the American tape manufacturer goes for around £260. I even wince at the price when ordering. Gone are the days of rolling a few reels in a session and not give it second thought. There’s no doubt it’s an expense business.

The problem is it can’t be produced on a on a small scale. Producing tape  involves heavy  machinery and chemicals. Demand is increasing but lets face it it’s never going to be like it was back in the day.  I think it’s amazing we have two good sources of good quality tape available. RTM (RMG) which is made in France with it’s classic BASF AFGA formulas, certainly our choice, and ATR in the states. We should support them and stop  picking up dodgy second hand tape on eBay.

RMG Tape

When you buy a new roll of tape it can be reused. Once the project is mixed we can archive  it to hard disc and reuse the reel. It doesn’t have to be a a one session investment. We do a tape hire option at Gizzard but we always encourage you buy fresh tape from us or from a retailer.

We recommend Tape City and Studio Spares