Mastering & Digital Recording


We will always strive to get the best out of your audio whether it’s a home or professional recording. We’ve had excellent results introducing a 1/4″ tape stage to the mastering process. This adds a sheen to recordings that have been produced using only digital equipment.

Mastering sessions are usually unattended but if you would like to attend you will be welcome to do so. For CD you will receive your mastered audio via a DDP file set or a Red Book CD which will be accompanied by a PQ sheet ready for the pressing plant. ISRC and UPC codes can be embedded. For digital and vinyl we will retain the bit rate and sample rate of your original unmasterd files.

For our mastering rates please visit our Studio rates page

Digital Recording

Alice Desk

Listed below are a number of digital recording services we often provide:

1. Straightforward digital recording instead of tape.

2. Mixing or working on digital recordings from other studios through our vintage

3. Track to tape at Gizzard and mix down somewhere else. We can digitise your
multi-track tape into digital files (24 bit 96.000 max available sample and bit rate).