Studio Rates

Studio Time

Our rates range from £260 to £360 per day depending on how many days booked and session requirements, VAT not charged.  Sessions usually run between 11am – 7pm. Sessions can occasionally be arranged by the hour but in most cases we have a minimum of four hours (half day) booking policy. Please call or email us to discuss your project so we can offer you the best deal available. Our rates include the following:


Full backline. Includes everything listed on our Studio Gear Page Piano will be tuned if needed with no extra charge

Full set up before session starts. No waiting around for backline/mics to be set up etc.

Tape Costs

Tape is the only extra cost we charge on top of studio time. If your recording to hard disc you will not need to buy any tape.

Tape is not cheap. So we have rounded our tape costs into user friendly bundles.

Tape costs for around 4 – 5 songs (around 30 minutes of recording time) – £170

Tape costs for an album (around 60 minutes of recording time) – £350

These bundles include a 1/4″ stereo analogue master tape and an archive of your hired 2″ multi track tape to digital stems (24 bit 44,100) after your project has been mixed.

If further mixing or tracking is required we will of course hang on to the the tape until you are sure the project has been completed. If you would like to buy all your tape outright you can buy form us or bring your own. You will need at least one of each tape listed here:

2″ tape – £350 Just over 30 minutes recording time.

1/4″ tape – £100 Just over 30 minutes recording time.

Small 1/4″ reel – £50 15 minutes.

We use RMG 900 tape.


Prices vary on the amount the of tracks/running time mastered.

Album Mastering – £300 – £350.

EP/Mini Album Mastering – £150 – £250.

Single track – £60.

For more details on mastering see our Mastering & Digital Recording Page

Analogue Studio Control Room