Studio Gear

Mixing Desk

Alice Stancoil 1970’s mixer. The Microphone amplifiers are Transformer, Balanced, Discrete transistor Type class-A. The Desk was designed by Ted Fletcher for The Manor Studios. Virgin records recording studio in the 70’s. Ted Fletcher now runs TFPRO

Tape Machines

Studer A80 2″ Sixteen Track and  Studer A80RC
1/4″ Two Track

PR99 and A700 1/4″ for tape FX

Studer A80 VU

Studio Monitoring

BBC Ls5/1a Main Monitors

BBC Ls3/5a Near Fields


Gefell UMT70, AKG 414ULS, AKG D190 x2, AKG D1000, STC 4038, CALREC CM1050c x2, CALREC 600×3, BEYER M88 x2, BEYER OPUS 65, BEYER 201, SENNHEISER 421 x2, SHURE SM7, SHURE 545 x3, SHURE SM58, 8SHURE SM62, SHURE SM53 x2, SHURE SM57 x2, EV 635a, EV DS35, AUDIO TECHNICA 2050, 801, 804, AUDIX OM6, OCTAVA 219, REALISTC PZM.
Studio Outboard

Fairchild 658 Reverbertron Reverb, AKG BX10 reverb, Oil Drum Reverb

Two Revox 1/4″ tape machines for tape FX.

Gates Level Devil Limiter, Audio and Design 1960’s mono Limiter, Alice AM series FET limiters x12, Valleypeople Dyna-mite stereo limiter, TL 2021 Compressor, TL 5013 EQ. Plus many other housekeeping devices.

Studio Backline

Amplifiers – Fender Twin Reverb 1970’s x2, Vox AC30/6, Vox Cambridge 30, 1970’s HH Guitar amp, Kelly (Selmer) Treble and Bass bass head with Custom 15″ Cab. Rose Morris valve amp 60’s, Roland Bolt-60, Lasky 1960’s transistor head.

Keyboards – Danemann over strung under damped upright piano, Farfisa Mini Compact Organ, Vox continental Organ, Gem Riviera Organ (60’s) Hammond X5 with Leslie 760, Wurlitzer 200.

Guitars – Fender Strat and Jazzmaster. Silver tone.

Bass – Fender Precision and Baldwin (Burns) Bass.

Drums – 1960’s Premier 4 piece Drum kit with Ludwig 400 or Premier Chrome 2000 snare.

Cymbals – Zildjian Avedis K and Five Star Super Zyn